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Sometimes your articles will be copied or copied by someone else without your permission. You think a few hours or even days to make an article but there is a copy-paste with a time of only 5 seconds. Maybe you will feel the way I feel when the article is pasted by someone who did not ask permission first.

Now to avoid copy-paste, we will discuss anti-copy paste for the amp template.
Because anti copy-paste in non-amp templates has been made by several people.
Go directly to the tutorial (How to Make Anti Copy Paste Valid Amp)
Go straight to the tutorial

1) Enter Blogger
2) Template > Edit Html
3) Search Code <style amp-custom='amp-custom'>
4) Save the Code Below Right Under the Code <style amp-custom='amp-custom'>

.post-body {-webkit-user-select: none; /* Chrome all / Safari all */-moz-user-select: none; /* Firefox all */ -ms-user-select: none; /* IE 10+ */ user-select: none;}

5) Then Save.

Thats all about this tutorial. Hopefully this tutorial is very useful for you.

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