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Understanding and Easy Ways to Get Sitelink - Hi friend this time I will share my experience on how to get sitelink easily. First of all, my friend first knows what sitelink is.

Understanding Sitelink

Sitelink is a program from google so that blog visitors are more comfortable browsing your blog, because under the home page there are already important pages on your blog like Sitemap, About, Partner, Disclaimer.

Example of google sitelink

With this sitelink, it can also boost the enthusiasm of bloggers like me.

Easy Ways to Get Sitelink

Update Post Articles

Being diligent about posting new articles to get sitelink diligently doesn't mean that every day, it can be once every 3 days or a week, it's very effective for Google. We recommend that after we post a new article, you must submit the URL (new article) to the Webmaster so that your posts can be indexed quickly by Google.

Blog Age

In providing sitelinks on blogs, Google also looks at the age on your blog. Usually, 1 month has got a range of 4 sitelinks and there is also a 1 month old age that the sitelink has not yet appeared.

Blog Property

Property on the blog is very important for example About, Contact, TOS, Sitemap, Disclaimer and Privacy Policy. That's very important in getting sitelinks on your blog.

Blog Name

This is the most important factor, friend, if I may give advice if you give a blog name, choose a unique one and no one likes it, for example, friend for a blog called "bloggerbyte" that will get sitelinks is a one page blog, so don't let anyone get into your blog because you risk not getting sitelinks from google.

Okay that's all I can explain about Understanding and Easy Ways to Get Sitelink Thank you for visiting may be useful for all of you.

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