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What is Share button Uses ??

Reaction buttons give your visitors a fun, quick way to interact with your content. Best of all, they look great on every device and are simple to configure and install. In Some blogs or websites, you've seen  Like it. Love it. Wow. LOL. Sad. Anger. With just a few simple clicks, you can install reaction buttons on your site.

Today BloggerByte shares a tutorial on How to install the Cool ShareThis Reaction Button Widget on Blogger, Share This is a platform that has been widely used by bloggers because it looks responsive and can be set according to our own desires.  The function of the ShareThis Reaction Widget is to make it easier for visitors to judge whether or not the article is good for viewing because by installing this share button widget, visitors will more easily share the content with their social media.

How to Install the Cool ShareThis Reaction Button Widget on Blogger 

1. Please visit the ShareThis site and please create an account first.
2. Click Sign up to register, Fill in personal data such as email address and password.
3. Or you can also log in using a Google and Facebook account.

4. If you are logged in, enter the ShareThis Dashboard, select the Settings menu > then copy the javascript code in the Get The Code box .

5. Place the code above the code </head> and then please click save theme.

6. If an error message appears after clicking the save theme button, please add the amp; code the ShareThis javascript code is an example of this.
<script async="async" src=";product=inline-share-buttons" type="text/javascript"></script>

7. If you have, put the code back in your blog template. Then select the Apps menu > select Reaction Share Button.
8. Don't forget to activate the reaction share button at the top

9. Please set the Emoticons that will be displayed, the rest adjust to your wishes.
10. After that, copy the HTML Reaction Buttons Code and place the code after the <data: post.body/> code This <data: post.body/> code usually has 3, please choose the 3rd or most recent one.
11. If you have already click SAVE and Done.

How easy is it not, for a tutorial How to Install a Cool ShareThis Reaction Button Widget on Blogger for those of you who have problems with bloggers, please comment in the comments column below this article.

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