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BloggerByte - Today I'm going to Share a tutorial onHow to Make a Checklist (√) Next to the Blogger Post Title in Google search results. This check mark will not only appear on Google's search engine, but will appear on other search engines such as bing, yahoo, and others. for example you can see in each title of this blog post.
However, here are some of the benefits and advantages of installing this feature, for example as follows:

Benefits of Making Checklist Signs in Posts

1. Have an Impressive Impression on Search Engines

By having a unique appearance in the title of the blog post, then none other visitors will feel more curious and become anxious to visit it.

2. Having an impression of myself

Visitors will prefer articles that have unique posts, some of the factors that make a blog unique are the attractive site design, as well as the site loading speed.

3. Increase the Number of Organic Visitors

Not only has the impression of batik but can also increase the number of organic visitors, because these visitors might feel curious about the article that has the Checklist installed.

4. Increase Adsense Earnings

By adding organic visitors to your blog, your income or earnings will increase more than before. However, one of the main factors of your income is greater with SEO Optimization

How to Make a Checklist (√) Next to the Blogger Post Title Title

1. Please log in to and Enter the blogger dashboard.

2. Select Menu THEMES >> click Edit HTML

3. Then, please look for the code
<data: blog.pageName />
[Press CTRL + F for easy searching]

4. If you have found it, please copy the code below and place it right on the SIDE side of the code, like the sample image above.

Example: -

Please Include & before #8730;

5. Please click SAVE and Finish.
How easy is it not ? until here you have successfully installed a check mark / checklist in all your blog post titles and will appear in the search results as well. however, it will not immediately appear in the search engine, because it needs to be re-indexed or Url Inspected in Google Webmaster Tools. if you have problems please comment in the comments section below this article.
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